Keyword Planner

  1. “Entrepreneurship” < “Entrepreneur” (100K-1M)

  • Here, we help students and members of the community bring out their inner entrepreneur.
  1. “Photoshop” > “Photoshop CS6” > (701.8K – 118K)

  • This assignment was completed using Photoshop CS6.
  1. “Student” > “Student portal” (1M – 10M)

  • The purpose of this blog is to submit assignments outside of the student portal.
  1. “Blog site” > “Blog” (1M – 10M)

  • This blog is where I will record all the assignments required for my CAP 105 class.
  1. “BuzzFeedViolet” > “BuzzFeed” (1M – 10M)

  • Check out this BuzzFeed video, “What Perfectionists Can’t Help But Do.”

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